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Anastasia Mamoshina (Nastia Youkki) is a Russian artist based in Saint Petersburg. Watercolorist, an urban sketcher, the head of Urban Sketchers Saint Petersburg. Invited speaker at the different art festivals in 2017 and 2018. Teacher at www.kalachevaschool.ru (course Watercolor Urban Sketching). Among Anastasia's latest projects are - her collaboration with Moscow fashion brand Art Flash (the capsule collection Two Capitals with her art prints on wear and accessories) and her personal exhibition at The Moscow Museum of Auto Stories. 

Anastasia's paintings are in private collections from Canada to Sri Lanka and RSA. She is inspired by the architecture and long city walks. Her works are about colorful moments of the city's life and some stories that could happen.

"I like to discover new urban patterns, motifs and rhythms and express them in my freehand watercolor sketches. I try to sketch on location at least once a week, regardless I am alone or with my friends. It helps me to train my art vision, to experiment with new color schemes and feel more related to my city. Every sketch is a new little challenge and a big inspiration".